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ancient classical languages

So, you have decided it is time to start (or continue) with your Latin, but not too sure how to study Latin online, right? or Ancient Greek? Maybe you feel that learning ancient languages online is quite for you, but you are not too sure how to go about it. Still, you are ready to discover the power that digital learning can bring to you. Just like you also feel ready to start your own educational process, and are excited about the prospect of taking up the lead of your own learning. Would it not be great to have a school of ancient languages at your doorstep, more than that, even at your own home !?  Well, you have arrived to the right site then!

It is true that today, online learning has made everything so much easier. At just one click on google, for instance, you can find lots of resources free of charge and information about methods and books for learners of Latin. Only, … how do you start your study? Or continue from where you are? Is it possible to trace a route that, through that vastness of information, will draw you the process of how to study Latin online?

There is a way for everyone to progress in their path towards fluency in Ancient Greek and Latin, and Vivavoce is here to offer you one such path. Vivavoce Classics is an initiative precisely designed to that end, help online learners of classical languages to achieve reading fluency in order to access ancient sources in the original. Vivavoce embodies a personal project, my project. It isn´t just an online school of Latin or Greek. Rather, it is how I believe I can serve people who wish to access the great works of the past through linguistic immersion online. Vivavoce constitutes my dream to help others to achieve reading fluency in classical languages like Latin and Greek.

I especially recommend that you subscribe to this blog -in order to become part of Vivavoce Classics community- if you :

  • believe in the power of those languages and in the important value of reading ancient sources in the original.
  • consider e-learning is the learning option that best suits your particular situation.
  • are committed to your learning and you see yourself working best from a comfortable environment, like home, and at your own pace.
  • would like to access and be guided in that learning experience by someone who is a well-qualified, experienced teacher of ancient languages. You want to count on high quality guidance in your learning path, and you want to receive a teaching which is both high quality as well as efficient, and fun as well as dynamic and tailored to your goal, which is to achieve reading fluency in Latin/ Ancient Greek.

If you meet most of the above, then make sure that you subscribe to my blog, that way you won’t lose any of my future post publications. In order to reach that goal of reading fluency, I shall publish about different aspects related to acquiring fluency, such as:

  • Vocabulary: I will try to show you strategies that will help you to tackle vocabulary of ancient languages in a more efficient and intelligent way,
  • Resources about linguistic immersion in Latin and Greek. I shall share through this blog existing resources both for beginners and for advanced readers, such as the most used methods today for the learning of Latin and Ancient Greek. I have already a page about published textbooks that you can check here. I publicate periodically some videos of my own elaborated entirely in Latin about grammar explanations.
  • Different grammar point, classified by levels, from the use of cases for beginning readers to element of style that we need to consider when reading original texts, for more advanced readers.
  • Any other question I may consider to be related with the acquisition of reading fluency and the reading of ancient sources. If there is any area that you would like to see as part of this blog, leave a comment below!

Welcome now to Viva Voce’s online community, don’t forget to subscribe for future posts and… Start on your journey into the classical world!


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