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Latin terms – Earth 1

How do you say earth in Latin?

Dear Latin learners,

Do you know how the most frequent words related to earth in Latin?

Earth (terra) played a very important place in Latin literature. Geography words, such as mountains, valleys, the earth globe even, they all pemeate Latin texts. Therefore, knowing the most frequent of these words will give you an ahead start to read ancient texts. Especially, for authors who treat geography frequently in their texts, such as Caesar (in his description of the land where the battles were to take place), Plinius the Elder in his natural history, among others.

Nature 6 - the earth 1

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Here are the meanings and genders explained out. Grab your cup of coffee, and let´s go for it!

terra, terrae (f.) : it is the general term for «earth», it is the umbrella term to signify  whether «land», «territory»  or simply «dust».

Tellus, telloris (n): a synonym of the earlier, it can also mean «the globe of earth», much more frequent in poetic texts.

Humus, -i (m.): dust, soil.

saxum, i (n): rock.


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