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Grammar explained in Latin – Possessive adjectives

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Dear Latin learners and Viva voce´s friends,

Carrying my the seeries on spoken Latin videos, there is a new one coming today: this time, on the meaning of … possessive adjectives in Latin!

possessive adjectives in Latin!!

Quite a basic element , and for that reason, possessive adjectives in Latin language are extensively and frequently used -they are used quite a lot in anyo other language for that matter. Do not ignore them! Besides, they are very easy to use… Only remember,

  • They agree in gender, number and case, like any other adjective, with a noun in the sentence.
  • Their form matches the owner of the thing: ego –>  meus/a/um, tu, –> tuus/a/um, and the like.

With this video tutorial, you will learn how possesive adjectives work in Latin through a short comic story. To help you immerse yourself in the language, I teach their use speaking Latin in the story. Keep up your Latin learning and , If you like these type of content, and you have not done it yet, don´t forget to…


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