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Latin terms – Fire

How do you say fire in Latin?

Dear Latin learners,

Do you know how the most frequent words related to fire in Latin? Fire played an important role during the history of all ancient civilisations, including Rome. Whether it may be an ally, as it was kept in the temple of Vesta as a protection simble of the city, or as a great danger when unchecked, as it happened during the great fire under Nero, it was key in many aspects of the life of a Roman. Source of heat, of light, and useful for cooking as well… We are not to be surprised that the word fire appears so frequently in different Latin texts!

_NATURA 5 - fire_

Most frequent words to say fire in the Latin language

Here are the meanings and genders explained out. Grab your cup of coffee, and let´s go for it!

Ignis, is (m) : it is the general term for «fire» in Latin.

Flamma, -ae (f): flame.

Fax, facis (f): torch, firebrand. Also, by figurative meaning, an incandescent object in the sky like a comet. Fireball.

Incendium, ii (n): fire, conflagration. Also metaphorically, great passion or vehemence.

Cinis, -eris (n): ashes (don´t let the image fool you !: it doesn´t mean ember)

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