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Latin terms – Natura 3

Dear Latin learners,

Last time we saw vocabulary related to the elements of sky (natura) and especially heavens, such as words for «star», «planets» and so on. We could say, quoting the Athenian accusation against Socrates, that we talked about «stuff above the skies». I hope not to be charged of «corrupting the youth» -to carry on with Socrates accusations- with my arguments, if I insist to you about how important it is to develop a vocabulary of frequency in order to become a fluent reader of Latin! On this occasion though, we shall be looking into words related to athmospheric phenomena.

Let´s see those words now…

Natura 3 -the sky

nubes, is: cloud

fulmen, -inis: lighting.

imber, imbris: rain.

nix, nivis: snow, from where we also find the adjective «niveus, -a, -um«, meaning «of the colour of snow», that is, simply put, «white».

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