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Latin terms – Natura 2

Our next session on nature, this time featuring mostly elements from our athmosphere. Check it out!


let´s see those words now…

stella, -ae: star

aether, aetheris: ether, an ancient element that, along with the other 4 (fire, water, earth, air) constituted the universe. For the Greek Aristotle, the aether occupied its place beyont the sphere of the moon, and the stars and other celestial bodies.

aura, -ae: breeze, air, wind. By ext., heaven.

sidus, -eris: star, constellation, aspect of the sky. in the plural, sidera, -orum it often comes to mean «night».

astra, -orum:  celestial bodies, stars. Also constellations. Mainly used in the plural.

ventus, .i: wind

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