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Latin terms 1 – The Divine

This will be our first post on Latin vocabulary. It is essential to become well aquainted with a vocab list which reflects the most frequent words that show up in Latin texts. But it is more interesting even to have those words arranged in a clever way that makes them easier to learn. That is exactly what this posts are for!

In this our first entry, I offer you words related to the semantic field of the Divine. Greeks and Romans alike paid much attention to religion, and religious elements were present everywhere in the daily life of a Roman, and therefore in their writings.

the divine 1

Some of the most frequent Latin terms related to religion are:

dea, deae: «godess»

deus, dei: «god»

Divinus, -a, -um: an adjective:» related to the gods», «divine»

Nympha, -ae: A greek-borrowed word referring to Nymphs, divinities associated with forests, rivers and nature in general.

Caelestis, -e: «heavenly», «celestial»

Fatum,  -i: Fate, destine, lot in life.

Fortuna, -ae: Luck, often related to the gods´benevolence towards mortals.

Now, do some revision on this vocabulary, and aftewards check it in context with this exercise!


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