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Latin terms – The Divine 2

On our second post on this topic, I bring you the following words,

the divine 2

-Sors, sortis: this noun from the 3rd declension means «luck», but in a more specific way than «fortuna»: its basic meaning is derived from gambling games, such as the dices, to which the Romans were so found. What you earn as a result of your gambling, your lot, that is the basic meaning of «sors». But eventually it developed a more spiritual meaning, as your lot in life, becaming therefore almost equivalent to «fatum» in meaning

Religio, -onis: religion, religious practice, religious conscience, piety.

Templum, -i: temple

Ara, -ae: altar of sacrifices

Vates, -is: a seer, a prophet, poet.

Votum, -i: promise to a divinity, vow. Very well attested by archeological remains and other sources, the romans often offered vows to different divinities and promised different «rewards» to the gods or godesses if they accomplished the suppliant´s request.

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